After 33 years, Jami Ramsey is retiring as the executive director of the Riley County Seniors Service Center.

Ramsey began her position at the center in 1989. She says it has been the best job ever; she gets to go to work and talk all day long. She adds that it has been fulfilling, but its time for a change for everyone and she is excited for someone else to take the center the next step.

“Particularly as we are looking at a change in the people that we serve,” Ramsey adds. “There is a new generation coming. I think it is just a wonderful time for me, and I think for the organization.”

She says looking back at her career, it is fascinating to see the way the programs have changed, but also have stayed the same.

“Programs have changed to reflect the people that we serve, the participants and what’s of interest to them. But it is still, at it’s heart, socialization, and they programs may look a little different, but at the heart of it those programs still have that element in it.”

Ramsey’s final day is set for April 22. There will be a chance to stop and visit with Ramsey on April 8 from 3 to 4 PM.

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