Broken Bow RecordsJason Aldean‘s mornings have gotten a lot crazier this school year since his oldest daughter, Keeley, started going to middle school. His younger daughter, Kendyl, is in first grade, but she doesn’t go to school until 8:30. Since Keeley’s class starts at 7:20, Jason drops her off first and then hands Kendyl off to his mother.

He tells ABC News Radio, “It’s like I get one to school and then take ’em over to my mom’s and let her cook my little one breakfast, let her eat and then take her to school. We’ve got a little system working out, now. It’s working out pretty well.”

Jason admits he’s a little depressed having his oldest daughter in middle school now, but he’s happy to see Keeley finding her niche as a sixth grader.

“She’s playing sports,” Jason says, “and actually she tried out for middle school volleyball team and made it and actually is doing really well, really likes it. I think she might have found her sport ’cause she’s really good at it.”

Keeley is also developing a bit of a rebellious streak as she approaches her teenage years.

Says Jason, “My older one, she’s 11 going on 20. So, that’s not fun at all.”

On the music front, Jason’s new album, Old Boots, New Dirt, is due out October 7 featuring the hit single “Burnin’ It Down.”

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