Image Courtesy Broken Bow RecordsJason Aldean is letting his fans into his personal life like never before via Instagram, and it’s all thanks to his new fianceé, Brittany Kerr. Before they started dating, Jason would never have dreamed of posting photos of himself having a beer with Kenny Chesney or fishing with one of his daughters on the Internet.

Jason tells ABC News Radio, ” Used to, I would have been like, ‘Man, I’m not putting that on Instagram. Are you crazy?” Now, I’m like. “I don’t care, man. Just whatever.” Make fun of myself. Like, whatever.”

In some ways, Jason and Brittany were forced into the public eye when photographs of them together surfaced on TMZ while Jason was still married to his former wife. At that point, Jason wasn’t comfortable sharing his personal life with the public at all.

“I’ve always been very private,” Jason admits. “You know, I want people to see what I want them to see, and all of the sudden, going through what we’ve gone through, it’s like, we didn’t have a choice. People got let into things that were crazy.”

Since Jason and Brittany went public as a couple on the red carpet at the CMT Music Awards in June, he’s really been able to relax and just have fun in life.

Jason says, “I think [Brittany’s] great for me in that sense is that she makes sure I don’t take myself too serious a lot of times, which I think is good.”

Look for Jason’s new album, Old Boots, New Dirt, to hit stores October 7 featuring his sexy single, “Burnin’ It Down.”

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