Image Courtesy Arista NashvilleLee Brice sang Jerrod Niemann‘s latest single, “Buzz Back Girl,” before Jerrod even heard the song. The two country stars have been friends for many years now, but Jerrod had no idea Lee had co-written the catchy song until he heard Lee singing it on the demo.

Jerrod tells Billboard, “I saw the title, heard the intro, and thought it was cool. Then, on the first note, I knew that it was Lee singing.”

While Jerrod has had several hits about drinking, including his latest #1 hit, “Drink to That All Night,” he thinks this is his first song dealing with the hangover the morning after a bender.

Says Jerrod, “In this case, the ‘Hangover Cure’ is making love to your sweet country girl. If there is any global ‘Hangover Cure,’ it’s my job to express that to the entire planet.”

“Buzz Back Girl” is included on Jerrod’s latest album, High Noon.

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