Arista/Sea GayleJerrod Niemann tapped into his early days playing clubs for inspiration when making his new album, High Noon, now in stores. As heard in the lead single, “Drink to That All Night,” Jerrod is leading listeners in a good time, but he’s no longer doing all the field research it takes to write those party songs.

Jerrod tells ABC News Radio, “I don’t wake up at noon and start partying ’til I pass out in unique places. The truth is, it’s just playing in all those honky tonks in the bar band days rolling around in the van. It just becomes part of what I cut my teeth on.”

Jerrod can write a heartbreak ballad as well as anyone in Nashville, but he decided to focus on having a good time with High Noon.

Jerrod explains, “I just thought, ‘Man, if we want to see something negative, we can turn on the news. I’ll try to make sure everybody’s tapping their foot and holding up their glass in the meantime.'”

As for the “Drink to That All Night” video, Jerrod had to drink a white liquid to go with the clip’s trippy black-and-white color scheme. Since the song is about drinking, Jerrod refused to just use milk, so he found a white-cream liquor called RumChata.

“We had to have something that looked weird enough to get to the rest of the video,” Jerrod says. “It’s supposed to make me look like I’m hallucinating. RumChata, it’d probably take a gallon of that to make anybody feel anything, but it wasn’t milk.”

Jerrod has created a ton of games and videos to go along with his new album, High Noon. Check them out at

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