Jessie James Decker‘s current single at country radio is “Should Have Known Better.”

Every song has a story behind it – and with “Should Have Known Better” – it’s all thanks to WI-FI on a plane.

Jessie shares, “The story on ‘Should Have Known Better’ is one of my favorite stories. So, I’m sitting on a plane headed to vacation with my family and I never paid for Wi-Fi because I don’t think it’s fair but I paid for the Wi-Fi…so, I’m sitting there I’m trying to get it to download it’s taking forever and finally the song downloads. I put my earphones in and my mouth hits the floor. I knew it was my 1st single right then and I was so excited…I sent it to everyone I knew and here we are.”

“Should Have Known Better” is one of the 7-tracks on Jessie James Decker’s EP, The Woman I’ve Become, which arrived last Fall.

When it comes to the music on her EP, Jessie says, “I’ve been working on the songs in this project for two years. I poured my heart into these songs, over thinking them for a year and praying about it. This is the most vulnerable I’ve ever been and the ability to be this vulnerable and open and honest is truly a representation of the woman I have become.”

Check out the music video for Jessie James Decker’s “Should Have Known Better.”

Photo Courtesy of Jessie James Decker