Congrats to Parmalee on reaching the number-one spot on the Billboard country music airplay chart with their song “Take My Name.”

This is the second straight single from their album For You to reach number-one – after “Just The Way” (with Blanco Brown) topped the chart last year.

Talking about their single, Parmalee lead singer Matt Thomas says “‘Take My Name’ is a song about asking somebody to marry you…take my name and make it yours.”

Fans definitely latched onto that idea, and made it “their song.” They also requested a very specific version of the track, which the band was more than happy to provide.

Matt shared, “Y’all keep asking so we had to do it! Here is the wedding version of Take My Name!”

Congrats to Parmalee as they reach number-one with both versions of “Take My Name” – the studio, and the newly released wedding version

Photo Courtesy of Parmalee