Image Courtesy Red Bow RecordsJust like any 16-year-old girl, Joe Nichols‘ oldest daughter, Ashelyn, is totally embarrassed when her dad shows up at her high school.  What makes it even worse is that Joe often performs at acoustic charity events to help out around the school.  Some of Ashelyn’s teenage girlfriends get a little star-struck when Joe shows up to sing, too.

Joe says with a laugh, “Her friends start giggling and they huddle up, and she’s like, ‘Oh my God! It’s my dad, y’all!  Stop talking like this!’  That’s kind of fun.  I love that — embarrassing her in all kinds of ways.”

Ashelyn has gotten star struck herself when she attended awards shows with her famous dad.

Says Joe, “My 16-year-old has definitely experienced some of this stuff with me and been around at some high-profile things and seen some really cool stuff and met Hunter Hayes, which is all she wanted to do.”

Introducing Ashelyn to Hunter didn’t up Joe’s hip factor at all, though.

He says, “[Ashelyn] still thinks I’m completely the most uncool person in the world.”

As for his two younger daughters, Joe says his baby girl, Georgia, is always “super-chill” and “smiling.”  The two-year-old, Dylan, is a little more high-strung.

Joe explains, “She’s a good kid, but I think she has a strong chance of either being class president and running for office or a serial killer.  I’m not sure which one she’s gonna be yet.  I’m not sure yet.  She’s capable of either one.”

Joe is scheduling time with his three girls in between his busy tour schedule.  See where he’s playing next at

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