Image Courtesy MCA NashvilleThe days after Christmas are a great time to kick back and relax, and Josh Turner‘s brand-new single, “Lay Low,” is a perfect soundtrack for those lazy days leading up to 2015. Josh has been playing the song in his concerts for a few months now, and he’s been getting a great response from fans.

Josh has pictured his fans incorporating “Lay Low” into their own lives ever since he recorded it.

He tells ABC News Radio, “If I had to guess, I would probably say that they would definitely be using that riding down the road just kind of thinking about getting away and turning the phone off and doing what the song says, you know.”

At its heart, “Lay Low” is a love song and can be used to set a romantic mood no matter where you are.

“Even if you just stay home sometimes, honestly, with the one you love, I think you can lay low doing that, too,” Josh says. “You don’t have to go to the proverbial cabin in the woods.”

“Lay Low” is the lead single from Josh’s new studio album, due out in 2015.

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