MCA NashvilleJosh Turner‘s last album, Punching Bag, produced the big hit song, “Time Is Love,” back in 2012, but he’s been absent from the country radio charts ever since. Josh hoped to have a new single out in January of this year, but fans will have to wait just a little bit longer to hear what he’s been working on.

Josh says, “In all honesty, this has been the hardest record of my career to make.  I don’t know why. It’s been tough for me to write the songs. It’s been tough for me to find the songs.”

Since Josh’s music has always retained elements of the traditional country aound, he doesn’t feel compelled to follow the current Nashville trend of recording party songs about girls dancing on truck tailgates in the moonlight.

“I think this whole town has kinda been a funk,” Josh admits. “You know, it’s like everybody’s writing about the same thing and same kind of melodies. It’s just been very frustrating.”

Josh’s new album is finally coming together with nine songs confirmed for the final track listing.

He explains, “If I had it my way, it would probably come about in a different kind of way and look a little different and sound a little different. But right now, considering what we’ve had to work with, I feel like we’re in a pretty good spot.”

Josh looks forward to breathing a big sigh of relief when the new project actually gets in his fans’ hands.

He says with a laugh, “This is gonna be a sweet record regardless of what happens once it gets out there, because  I’ve worked my butt off for this one.”

In the meantime, Josh shares personal stories and life lessons in his new book, Man Stuff, coming out April 29.

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