Valory Music Co. Justin Moore and his wife, Kate, haven’t been getting much rest since they welcomed their third daughter, Rebecca Klein, in July.

Justin says, “I’m definitely having to go on the road right now to get sleep. She’s happy and healthy and doing great, but she doesn’t like to sleep too much.”

While he loves his three daughters, Justin would like to have a boy one day. That doesn’t mean he’s ready to start trying for one any time soon.

“My wife told me the other day, it was like four in the morning, we were up with the baby, she goes, ‘I could do this again,'” Justin says with a laugh. “I said, ‘Get away from me. I’m going to work. Leave me alone.’  So, I don’t know. She can’t keep her hands off of me.”

Justin is getting some good sleep in between shows on Miranda Lambert‘s Platinum tour this weekend.

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