Nearly a week remains in a massive fundraising effort undertaken by Kansas State University for a planned infrastructure overhaul within the College of Agriculture.

Fundraising for a 3 to 1 match from the state of Kansas began in mid-July, with K-State being tasked with raising $75 million in private donations to qualify for a state match of $25 million and another $25 million guaranteed. Dean Ernie Minton talks about one of the two projects, that are planned on the north side of campus — an agromony research center and a separate innovation center.

      Minton 4

Other plans include the eventual construction of a new global center for food and grain innovation, which would be constructed directly between Call Hall and Weber Hall. The Department of Grain Sciences and Industry would be relocated out of Shellenberger Hall to the new facility with plans for the former to be demolished.

As for the future of Weber Arena, Minton admits having brand new facilities surrounding the aging arena is not desirable. And while plans for a new 3,000 seat closed arena to be constructed north of Manhattan Fire Department headquarters were announced earlier this year, the Departmenf of Animal Sciences and Industry still needs a smaller pavilion to teach small groups.

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Minton says those wishing to donate or learn more about the 3 to 1 match fundraising effort can contact the KSU Foundation Office on or before Dec. 7.