Lauren Dukoff/BillboardKaty Perry and Kacey Musgraves are so close Katy’s even seen Kacey in the buff.

The two singers, who recently taped an episode of CMT Crossroads together, grace the cover of the new issue of Billboard magazine, and in the interview, Kacey confirms that Katy has seen her naked.  “A couple times, and it won’t be the last,” she adds.

How did the two get together in the first place?  Katy tells Billboard that after she heard Kacey’s debut hit “Merry Go ‘Round,” she instantly connected with it, so she tracked her down online and reached out to her about collaborating.  The songs they wrote together didn’t end up on Katy’s PRISM album, but the two remained friends. 

“I think [Kacey] straddles the line like I straddle the line of appropriateness and still maintaining a sexuality that is healthy and exciting,” Katy tells Billboard. “And it’s not all about that. It’s about sending inspiring and empowering messages and being a think-for-yourself type of woman.”  The two plan to duet onstage when Kacey joins Katy’s tour in August.  Get a preview by watching the CMT Crossroads episode on June 13.

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