Capitol NashvilleYou don’t have to talk to Keith Urban for very long before you realize he has an expansive vocabulary and seems quite educated. But he confesses he didn’t come by his “smarts” the conventional way.

“It certainly didn’t come from school,” he laughs. “I quit school at 15. I was hopeless at school. I was out. I would’ve left sooner if I could, but you’ve gotta legally stay ’til you’re 15!”

The Aussie superstar imagines his gift with words just runs in the family.

“When I was a little kid I always liked poetry,” he remembers. “I don’t know. I don’t know what it is. My dad’s a very — got a good vocabulary, I guess. So, maybe it comes from him.”

But Keith doesn’t want you to get the idea he’s is favor of teens dropping out of school.

“I’m always very careful to not have parents think I support kids leaving school at a young age, ’cause I don’t necessarily,” he clarifies. “All I can speak is my own experience is that I — the biggest education I got was when I hit the road and got life’s education. That was everything school didn’t have to teach me at the time.”

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