Image Courtesy Sony/Blue ChairKenny Chesney is very protective of his private life, so it’s a little startling to hear him hint at a recent trip to Italy with his girlfriend. Kenny tells Billboard, “We hung out and drank a little too much red wine.”

That’s all the information Kenny is giving up on the girlfriend or the vacation. Even his hideaway on the beach in the Virgin Islands isn’t as private as it once was. Kenny explains that iPhones have made it hard to keep his location private.

He says, “It’s harder now, because everybody is paparazzi.” Kenny adds that the islands are not “the place of peace they used to be for me.”

Luckily, Kenny has a $7 million speed boat he can use to get away from the island.

He says of his time in the Virgin Islands, “It’s still rejuvenating — I just have to walk a little more carefully.”

Kenny will get back on the road for The Big Revival tour starting on his 47th birthday, March 26, 2015, in Nashville.

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