Image Courtesy Sony Music NashvilleThe title of Kenny Chesney‘s new album, The Big Revival, is an indication of the positive, creative energy listeners will hear on these 11 new songs. Since he took the past year off from launching a major tour, Kenny was able to give his full attention to making The Big Revival, which features his latest hit, “American Kids.”

He says, “It was really important for me at this point in my life and in this point of my career and as a human being to make a record that sounded fresh — that didn’t sound like it was made as part of a conveyor belt, [which] I may have been guilty doing. I’m not sure.”

By eliminating the demands of touring, Kenny had plenty of energy and focus to find the best songs around and co-write a few songs, too.

“I was able to really listen and not listen tired,” Kenny says. “I was really listening with a clear head, and that was good for me — really good for me.”

While Kenny describes the process of making The Big Revival as “enjoyable,” “frustrating” and “satisfying,” he didn’t spend that much time in the studio just to please himself. Kenny believes his long-term fans deserve new and exciting sounds from him.

Says Kenny, “It was just important for me and the connection that I feel like I have with the audience, that we’ve built over the years, that we protect the investment that both of us has made.”

Listen for Kenny’s new single from The Big Revival, “Til It’s Gone,” to hit the airwaves soon.

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