Allister Ann Kenny Chesney will donate the money he makes from his new record, Songs for the Saints, to his Love for Love City Fund, to help the Virgin Islands rebuild after Hurricane Irma.

The eight-time Entertainer of the Year wrote the title track and another song called “Love for Love City” around the time the storm hit.

“I didn’t necessarily have a plan,” Kenny reveals, “but these songs needed to be written. And a friend said, ‘You should call the album Songs for the Saints, make it something that honors the people and the life on those islands, but also provides for them long after what happened has fallen off the news cycle.’”

“It hit me,” he adds, “that was what I was already doing and hadn’t realized it.”

The album is set to be released July 27.

“I’ve never made a record in the middle of such chaos and anxiety,” Kenny says, “but I took every bit of that into the studio — and you can hear it in the vocals.”

“Looking back, what a beautiful way to make a record for people I love so much,” he goes on. “And now, I can give that music back to them in a way that makes a difference.”

The Love for Love City Fund has already raised more than a million dollars toward the effort.

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