MCA NashvilleWith his headlining Wild Ones tour now underway and his latest single, “Running for You,” now climbing the charts, Kip Moore stays plenty busy with his music career. But those aren’t the only endeavors that are close to the Georgia native’s heart.

“I’m starting to work on a way to help make organic juices available to kids in low-income areas,” he tells Forbes. “I’m getting together with different organizations now to get that going.”

Just last year, Kip also launched his Comeback Kid Skatepark project, named for a song on his Wild Ones album. So far, he’s already helped build four parks in inner city areas. He says much of his motivation to help comes from the way he grew up.

 “I came from a family of six, and my dad definitely didn’t make a lot of money. We were never one of those families that had a lot, but we never went to bed without food or those sorts of things,” he reveals. “I always admired my dad so much, watching him give back to people who had less, and take care of everyone around him. He always looked out for people who were struggling.”

Kip says his organic juice project is just one more way to help kids who many times may get a bad rap.

“I think we can be so quick to judge kids that are bad, saying they’re this or that, that they’re hoodlums or bad seeds, but we’re not understanding what they’re facing every single day,” he says. “We’re not understanding the struggle they’re facing. Not only could they be facing violence in their homes, but the only meals they get are at school. Some might be going to bed hungry. And those meals at school don’t have much in them anyway. So, with the juices, I just want to help put something in kids’ systems that’s of nutritional value.”

On Monday, Kip guests on The Talk, where he’s set to sing his hit “Running for You.” You can catch it at 2 p.m. ET on CBS.

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