As Congress continues to look at a reconcilliation measure, one area that could impact Kansas State University would be funding for new or renovated agricultural research facilities at the nation’s land grant schools.

Dean of K-State’s College of Agriculture Dr. Ernie Minton tells KMAN the needs are a result of what was a building boom for those facilities in the 50’s and 60’s.

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Minton tells KMAN one reason the funding is needed is tied to national security.

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Minton says the Kansas delegation is working with K-State to ensure that there’s some funding included, even if the Build Back Better package doesn’t contain the full three-point-65 billion dollars currently earmarked for those infrastructure upgrades.

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Minton says he and his colleagues know what they’re asking for might be a bit too rich for some on the Hill.

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Agricultural economists have estimated that for every dollar invested in ag research there is a double-digit increase as return on that investment, according to Minton.

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Overall, the reconciliation package would include seven-point-75 billion dollars in investments towards ag research and infrastructure.

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