Image Courtesy Curb RecordsLee Brice‘s new album, I Don’t Dance, is all over the map musically with sounds influenced by rock, blues, hip-hop, and, of course, classic country.

Lee tells American Songwriter, “I didn’t want anything to feel the same. So I really tried to understand what I was doing the whole time.”

Shepherding the entire project into one cohesive piece of work means Lee declined to record some songs he knows will end up on the radio by other artists.  “There were a few songs I loved but I didn’t love the verses,” Lee explains. “I just did not love what they said or how they felt so I just couldn’t get into them. Although they may have been hits, I had to pass on them.”

Now that Lee is finished with I Don’t Dance, he may be shifting his focus to another big project in the works in Music City.  Says Lee, “I got a call. Garth has been making some new music and I think he’s been looking for songs around town.”

Look for Lee’s new album, I Don’t Dance, in stores September 9.

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