CurbAs a country star in the public eye, Lee Brice is used to fans criticizing him on Twitter and Facebook. He can shake off most of the criticism off, but Lee took issue with a guy who accused him of being drunk onstage during a recent show in Indiana.

Lee responded to the fan on Twitter, “I had one drink. I take my job seriously. Sorry if you got the wrong impression. Give me your address, I’ll send your money back.”

Lee later told, “If you say, ‘Lee, you’re fat, and your show sucked,’ that’s one thing. You can have your opinion. But to say that I was drunk onstage, when I pride myself on being professional, it’s just slander. It burns me up.”

Lee reminds fans that celebrities often see the mean things written about them online, and the criticism can sting.

“People have a big platform these days,” Lee says.” And I just don’t think the younger folks know what it’s like to never have had that platform.  If you’re not gonna say something nice … say nothing at all.”

Lee’s new album, I Don’t Dance, is out Tuesday.

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