People CountryLuke Bryan has been named People Country‘s Sexiest Man 2014, and in the cover story, he opens up about what he finds sexy in a woman.

“Confidence, and the ability to wing it and the ability to get fancied up and pretty,” Luke says. “I love the whole girl-next-door thing, the whole thing of, you know you’re pretty but not going too far with it.”

Of course, Luke’s wife Caroline embodies all of these qualities, and she’s not asking for much from Luke in return. She just wants him to stay off his mobile phone when they have dinner at a restaurant.

Says Luke, “The best thing for me is to leave it in the car and then I know I won’t answer it. Whenever I’m like, ‘I left my phone in the car,’ she’s like, ‘Ooh — special!’ “

Luke and 51 of country’s other hottest guys are featured in the new issue of People Country, on stands Friday.

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