Mercury NashvilleIt’s been nearly four years since Maddie & Tae‘s debut, Start Here, was released. On Friday, their follow-up, the five-song EP One Heart to Another, arrives.

“That’s a special one…” Tae Dye says of the title track. “The title itself, ‘One Heart to Another,’ we just felt… [was] like our hearts to you. So, Maddie & Tae, conjoined heart to all of your hearts!” Tae smiles.

Tae wrote “One Heart to Another” with Maddie Marlow during a particularly uncertain time, as they were changing record labels.

“When we wrote the song,” Tae tells ABC Radio, “we were just in a phase of not really knowing where our career really stood, and if we were gonna get to make music.”

“So we wrote the song and we just thought, ‘Okay, what do we want to say if we don’t have to think about what a label would think… what radio would think, or what critics would say, if we just wrote a song just for the heck of it. And that’s how ‘One Heart’ came to be.”

Ultimately, writing “One Heart to Another” expanded Maddie & Tae’s horizons, and ended up shaping their album.

Tae explains: “The second verse said stuff that we’ve never said like…”  

“‘Some lay low, some get high,'” Maddie interjects, as the two laugh.

“‘Some drink, some do this,'” Tae continues. “And that was never said before.”

“So I think just stepping out of our comfort zone and just being more bold really gave us the confidence to [be] like ‘Oh, we did it! Okay, let’s keep doing it!’ So it really just set the tone for the record.” 

One Heart to Another includes Maddie & Tae’s new single, “Die from a Broken Heart,” as well as their previous hit, “Friends Don’t.”

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