Image Courtesy Dot RecordsMaddie & Tae are on their way to becoming household names thanks to their debut hit, “Girl in a Country Song,” but their journey to stardom almost came to a screeching halt earlier this year. The duo was three days into their first promotional tour introducing themselves to country radio when they were involved in a tour bus accident. No one was hurt, but the experience left Maddie and Tae shaken.

Tae Dye tells ABC News Radio, “Our bus driver didn’t see a clearance sign when he was going through a bridge — not under it — and basically tore off, decapitated the top of our bus.”

The accident left the bus with what Maddie & Tae call “redneck sunroofs” as the air conditioning units actually fell into the tour bus.

Says Maddie, “We were almost hit in the head with the AC unit. So, thank God we are still alive.”

The sound of the metal scraping the concrete put Maddie & Tae on edge, too.

“It sounded like we were beings shot at.” Maddie adds with a laugh, “We were like, ‘Lord Jesus! Take us now! I know you got [us] one song on the radio, finally. So, you can take us now!”

It looks like Maddie & Tae have bigger things left to do in country music. Their big hit, “Girl in a Country Song,” is included on their debut EP, now available digitally.

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