Map of Manhattan with collection dates: Courtesy Manhattan Public Works Department

The City of Manhattan is offering free collection of yard debris this week.

The annual spring clean up is an effort to encourage residents to rid their yards of tree limbs, grass clippings, brush and leaves from their yards that may have collected over the fall and winter. That debris needs to be placed in paper bags on the curb for pick up this week. The city has partnered with local refuse collectors to collect those bags on different collection dates dependent on what part of the city you live in.

The city asks residents to create separate piles on the curb for yard waste and limbs and branches. Branches should be stacked in a loose pile and they ask not to mix lumber and branches within it.

Items should be placed on the curb and ready for pickup by 7 a.m. on your scheduled day.

Those living in the southwest part of Manhattan, primarily south of Ratone and east of Sunset Drive will have items collected Monday.

Those living in the Northview area will have their items collected Tuesday.

Residents in the north central part of Manhattan, between Seth Child and Manhattan Ave. and north of Anderson Ave. will have items collected Wednesday.

Those who live in northwest Manhattan, west of Seth Child and north of Anderson Ave, collection will take place Thursday.

And those who live in the southwestern part of the city, including south of Anderson and west of Sunset will have items collected Friday.

Items that won’t be collected – major household appliances, tires, batteries, concrete or rock rubble, construction or demolition debris, or household hazardous waste will be collected. All household hazardous waste, paint, thinners, lubricants, herbicides, insecticides, etc. should be taken to the Riley County Transfer Station for safe disposal.

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