Image Courtesy Sony Music NashvilleBlake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are the hottest couple in country music these days, so it’s no wonder fans are eager to see them tour together. There was even a false report last week that Blake and Miranda turned down a million dollars for one performance together at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Still, the couple doesn’t plan to share the stage for a major tour any time soon due to their demanding solo careers.

Miranda explains. “Me and him can sit there and be backroading and start singing a duet in the truck and be like, ‘Let’s tour! It’d be so fun!’ But then you have a whole ball of wax that’s like two different management teams, two different labels, two different bands and crews, two different booking agents.”

Blake and Miranda are both headlining their own tours right now, so they’re often playing arenas in different cities on the same night. There’s also the issue of putting together a show mixing Blake and Miranda’s music into one, cohesive set list.

“We’re different styles,” Miranda says. “We’d have to totally figure out how to make that work.”

As it is, Blake barely has time to tour on his own due to his hectic schedule as a coach on The Voice. He’s also gearing up to release a new album, Bringing Back the Sunshine, on September 30. Factor that in with Miranda’s string of headlining dates, and you’ve got a scheduling nightmare.

Says Miranda, “It’s always like, when it would happen, I’ve got a record coming out, or he’s got a record coming out, so we’re focused on our own solo thing. But I’m not saying we won’t. I definitely would love to.”

When they did a small tour together back in 2008, Blake and Miranda took separate buses. If they toured today, Miranda doesn’t see a need to change that setup just because they’re now husband and wife.

“It worked out well,” Miranda says with a laugh. “I was like, ‘I’m tired of you. Go to your bus.’ It’s too small of a space for that long of a time.”    

Blake’s Ten Times Crazier tour is on the road through October 5. Miranda has concert dates on the books through October 18.

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