Sony Music NashvilleIt doesn’t seem like that big a risk for Miranda Lambert to name her latest album Platinum since all four of her previous projects have reached platinum sales status. Still, Miranda insists there’s more to that title than selling a million records, though.

While she’d love to see this album go platinum, Miranda says, “It’s a lifestyle kind of thing. It’s about blondes and Airstreams and platinum jewelry. Once I had that in my head, Platinum, for the title, there was no going back. I couldn’t think of anything else that would fit. So, we just went with it.”

Miranda is stepping out of her platinum Airstream trailer looking like a million bucks on the cover of Platinum. She hopes her fans latch on to that fun yet glamorous vibe.

“I see this, hopefully, kind of lifestyle and attitude catching on,” Miranda explains. “People enjoying being a little over-the-top. In the photo shoot, there was a silver flamingo. It’s like, ‘What is that?’ Well, I don’t know, but it’s fun. Why not, you know?”

Miranda hopes her fans get a little over-the-top tailgating prior to her shows on the Platinum tour starting next month.

She adds, “Maybe people get in the spirit with the Airstreams and the flamingos and the Bud Lite Platinum and whatever-else — the blonde wigs and the dying their pets silver, and whatever they wanna do! Just get in the spirit of having fun.”

Platinum is now in stores and online featuring Miranda’s latest hit, “Automatic,” as well as her duet with Carrie Underwood on “Somethin’ Bad.” Look for Miranda and Carrie to sing that song on the 2014 CMT Music Awards Wednesday night.

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