ABCNashville paid tribute to the troops Wednesday night with Rayna Jaymes and Luke Wheeler staging a concert at Fort Campbell just north of Music City. They decided to stage the show after Luke was injured by a roadside bomb while in Afghanistan to entertain servicemen and women overseas. First lady Michelle Obama showed up with a pre-taped message, thanking the military personnel for their service before the show began. Kellie Pickler was also on hand to sing her song, “Closer to Nowhere.”

While everyone was all smiles onstage at the concert, plenty of drama was going on in the wings. Neither Rayna’s current beau, Luke, or her ex-husband, Teddy, were happy to see ex-love interest Deacon Claybourne singing onstage with Rayna and her two daughters, including Deacon’s biological daughter, Maddie. Deacon continued working through his guilt and anger for not being in Maddie’s life when she was young due to his alcoholism.

The fallout from Juliette Barnes‘ tryst with her former record label president, Jeff Fordham, continued. Jeff wants Juliette back on his record label, and he hinted he might tell her boyfriend, Avery, about her indiscretion. Juliette also revealed her father died in a military training accident when she was young and later teamed up with Luke for a duet of “Don’t Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet.”

Will Lexington felt the walls closing in as he and new wife, Layla, began filming a reality show in their home. After knocking one of the wall-mounted cameras down in a rage, the closeted Will slipped off to call a sexy trainer named Tony he met at the gym.

There was a little bit of good news on Nashville as Zoey Dalton landed a job as Juliette’s backup singer for her upcoming tour. Chaley Rose plays Zoey, and she tells ABC News Radio Zoey’s journey to becoming a professional singer mirrors her own in a way. Not everyone in Chaley’s life supported her dreams.

“When I was in high school, it was like, I sat my mom down. It was like coming out. I was like, ‘Mom, I’m going to be a singer,'” Chaley explains.  ‘Cause she didn’t want me to. I mean, she just worried about me being in the business.”

Chaley spent awhile in New York and Atlanta pursuing a music career while enduring unwanted sexual advances from music producers. She also struggled to feed herself at times.

Chaley says, “I’m telling you, I ate a lot of peanut butter.”

Eventually, Chaley began to focus on her acting career, and her role as Zoey on Nashville is a perfect hybrid of her two passions. Fans often come up to her and says they enjoy hearing her sing songs like “Done Runnin'” on the Nashville soundtrack.

“It’s awesome,” says Chaley. “And I can’t wait for that feeling for when it’s a song I’ve written. Because it’s cool enough that it’s a song that I’m singing, and to kind of put my own thing into.”

Chaley is featured on the Nashville soundtracks albums, now available online. The show’s second season finale airs next Wednesday night at 10 ET on ABC.

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