ABCScarlett O’Connor had a complete breakdown onstage on Wednesday night’s Nashville. Her growing pill addiction kicked into overdrive after her abusive mother, Beverly, showed up on the road unannounced. Scarlett finally got the courage to play the song she wrote about their abusive relationship, “Black Roses,” which prompted her mother to physically and verbally attack her backstage. After popping pills and downing a lot of wine, Scarlett took the concert stage and began screaming at a hallucination of her mother in the audience.

Rayna Jaymes got quite a shock when her daughter Maddie‘s video went viral. Maddie used her biological father Deacon Claybourne‘s last name on the clip, which led to major TV shows like ABC’s The View speculating on Maddie’s paternity. Still reeling from his breakup with ex-girlfriend Megan, Deacon went on ABC’s Good Morning America to tell the full story of Maddie’ s paternity with Rayna and her ex-husband, Teddy Conrad. The situation left Rayna in an odd spot with Deacon and her current beau, Luke Wheeler.

Gunnar Scott got a $400,000 royalty check for the two hit songs he’s written in the past few months. Gunnar spent a chunk of the money to record a proper demo for his girlfriend, Zoey. Her recording of “Done Runnin'” is now available in real life on iTunes.

Juliette Barnes met up with her ex-love interest, married billionaire Charlie Wentworth, in an effort to get his radio stations to play her songs. He kissed her, but Juliette turned him down. Look for trouble brewing between Juliette and her current love, Avery Barkley, since she only told him Charlie tried to kiss her.

After filming an upcoming ABC concert special, Nashville: On the Record, at the Ryman Auditorium, a few of the show’s stars are taking their act on the road. Clare Bowen, Charles Esten, Jonathan Jackson, Sam Palladio and Chris Carmack will perform a three-show tour starting April 25th in Chicago.

Jonathan Jackson, who plays Avery, says these concerts are an extension of the kind of concerts they’ve been performing in Music City. He explains, “We’ve been talking about it for awhile about how fun it would be to go on the road and connect with people in that way.”

Preparing for a concert tour isn’t always easy for the busy TV stars, though.

Jonathan adds, “We’re just gonna get down to preparing for the shows pretty soon. We’re still filming right now, but it’s gonna be a blast.”

The Nashville tour will hit Washington, D.C. on  May 4 and New York City on May 6.

Nashville returns next Wednesday night at 10 ET on ABC.

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