ABCJuliette Barnes signed on as the newest act on Rayna Jaymes‘ Highway 65 Records on Wednesday’s Nashville. Judging from the country divas’ history of butting heads, this new business arrangement could lead to some pretty intense fireworks in upcoming episodes.

Highway 65 is also the label home of Scarlett O’Conner, who has been working with Rayna’s ex-love interest Liam McGuinnis on her debut album. Rayna ended up firing Liam when she found out he was sleeping with Scarlett, but Rayna had Liam tell Scarlett he’d been called off to produce another band abroad.

Juliette and Avery Barkley‘ relationship continued to grow even though he felt a little uncomfortable dating such a rich woman. On the music front, Avery almost came to blows with Gunnar Scott when it seemed Avery didn’t care about their new trio with Gunnar’s girlfriend, Zoey Dalton. They ended up overcoming their differences and performing the new song, “Hennessee” at a concert. That song is now available for download at iTunes.

Will Lexington continued to fake interest in his girlfriend, Layla Grant, and she confessed she’d been a virgin before they started dating. Will stood up for Layla to record label executive Jeff Fordham, who dropped Layla from her deal due to poor sales.

Mayor Teddy Conrad found out his late wife, Peggy, had miscarried before they got married and faked a pregnancy to get him down the aisle. Teddy found comfort in the arms of lawyer, Megan, who just happens to be Deacon Claybourne‘s girlfriend. Look for this encounter to create more strife between Teddy and Deacon.

As always, the songs from this episode of Nashville are available on iTunes. Cast member Eric Close, who plays Teddy Conrad, enjoys talking with fans of the show, and they always want to know more about the music on Nashville.

Eric tells ABC News Radio, “The question I always get, “Do those guys really sing? Do they really play music?” I always tell ’em, “Yeah, these guys are the real deal.”  All the actors on our show that do sing and play instruments, they do it for real. They’re all really good.”

While Eric is a big fan of the music on Nashville, don’t expect him to sing on the show anytime soon.

He says with a laugh, “Now, if I was to sing, I would definitely be using the autotune for sure.”

Nashville returns with a brand-new episode next Wednesday night at 9 ET on ABC.

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