Image Courtesy ABCThe drama continued on ABC’s Nashville Wednesday night as Rayna Jaymes reluctantly gave up details on her engagement to fellow country superstar Luke Wheeler during an appearance on Good Morning America. Real-life country star Luke Bryan even appeared as himself on Good Morning America within Nashville to congratulate Rayna on her engagement. Luke also admitted he had ring envy over the huge rock Wheeler gave Rayna for their engagement.

Back at home, Deacon Claybourne admitted to his and Rayna’s daughter, Maddie, that Rayna had turned down his wedding proposal. Deacon was surprised to learn Luke Wheeler still wanted him as an opening act after their altercation over Rayna in last week’s episode. This development means Deacon and Rayna will be both be leaving Maddie behind to go on tour.

Layla Grant vowed to make her closeted gay husband Will Lexington‘s life a living hell if he didn’t take her out on the road with him. Layla is forced to play the part of a happy newlywed on their new reality show, so she’s using Will’s secret as leverage against him to launch her own music career.

 Juliette Barnes went in to end her pregnancy thinking the child was a result of her tryst with underhanded record label president, Jeff Fordham, four weeks ago. When the doctor told her she was actually eight weeks along, she realized her ex-boyfriend, Avery Barkley, is the baby’s father. Of course, Avery and Juliette aren’t speaking right now since he found out she cheated with Jeff. Also, Juliette will have to hide her pregnancy if she gets the role of Patsy Cline in a new biopic.

Old loves Scarlett O’Connor and Gunnar Scott ended up writing a song together at his new studio in East Nashville. Their chemistry is still undeniable, but Gunnar’s girlfriend, Zoey, is growing suspicious of the time they’re spending together.  Scarlett told Gunnar she didn’t even want credit on the new song they’d written, “When You Open Your Eyes.”

Sam Palladio plays Gunnar on Nashville, and he thinks we’ll see a lot more interaction between Scarlett and Gunnar in the coming weeks.

Sam tells ABC News Radio, “The two of them, Scarlett and Gunnar, have always had this chemistry — musical chemistry, romantic chemistry — a lot of different chemistry. A lot of different chemistries. And that’s something that’s really hard to shake off for the two of them.”

Popular demand from viewers is another big factor in keeping Scarlett and Gunnar’s attraction alive.

“That was one thing that the fans love as well, are the Scarlett and Gunnar duets,” Sam explains. “And I love them. I love singing them, and we have some fantastic writers that compose these haunting songs.”

“When You Open Your Eyes” is now available for download at iTunes. Nashville returns with an all-new episode next Wednesday night at 10 ET on ABC.

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