Image Courtesy ABCOn Wednesday’s Nashville, Juliette Barnes sought to quietly give her unborn child up for adoption without telling the father, her ex-boyfriend Avery Barkley. As Avery sank deeper and deeper into the bottle trying to get over Juliette, she had a miscarriage scare. The sonogram showed the baby is fine, and Juliette began thinking about raising the baby herself. Avery made a big scene at his pal Zoey‘s going away party at the Bluebird and ended up getting arrested after cops found him sleeping in a stranger’s car. Avery could only remember Juliette’s phone number off the top of his head, so he called her to pick him up from jail. Juliette wanted to tell Avery she is carrying his child, but he went off on her again for ruining his life and walked away.

Rayna Jaymes found herself in a bidding war with her former label president Jeff Fordham to sign new artist, Sadie Stone. Rayna and Sadie bonded while shopping for a wedding dress for Rayna’s upcoming wedding to superstar, Luke Wheeler. Sadie even drove like a mad woman when the paparazzi started chasing them as they left the wedding dress shop.

In the meantime, Jeff Fordham got close to Rayna’s ex-husband, Nashville mayor Teddy Conrad, in a bid to get close to Teddy and Rayna’s talented children, Daphne and Maddie. Rayna eventually convinced Sadie to sign with her label, Highway 65, by telling her how anti-women Jeff Fordham really is in business. Rayna and Sadie then sang a duet, “Gasoline and Matches,” at Sadie’s Nashville concert to seal the deal.

When he found out Rayna had beat him to signing Sadie, Jeff set his sights on signing Rayna’s daughters, Daphne and Maddie, as payback. Look for Jeff to use his growing friendship with Teddy to pull that off.

So, how to true to life is Rayna’s experience as a 40-something female country star? We asked Trisha Yearwood, who is navigating very similar situations to Rayna every day. Trisha is a big fan of Nashville, and she tells ABC News Radio, “I really identify with Rayna being her age. I mean, I’m older than her, but I kind of identify with that character a lot, and just the things she goes through and how the odds are kind of against her and all that.”

Rayna and her fiancée, Luke, are trying to juggle their crazy touring and recording schedules on the show. Trisha says those scenes between Luke and Rayna often hit close to home as she navigates life with her husband, Garth Brooks.

Trisha says with a laugh, “The thing with her and Luke, a little bit of it is like, ‘I know it’s not about us, but…it’s interesting.”

Rayna and Sadie’s duet on “Gasoline and Matches” is now available at iTunes. As for Trisha, her new single, “PrizeFighter,” is available for download at GhostTunes.

Nashville returns with another all-new episode next Wednesday night at 10 ET on ABC.

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