Image Courtesy ABC/Bob D’AmicoGunnar Scott seemed to be adjusting well to life as a father to his son, Micah, on Wednesday’s Nashville, and that’s a good thing since Micah’s mom, Kylie, left town without her son to pursue a love interest. It looks like Gunnar and his girlfriend, Zoey, will have to adjust to full-time parenthood now.

Will Lexington and Layla Grant found some common ground before attending the premiere of their reality show. They were able to smile for the cameras on the red carpet, but the show was edited to make Layla look stupid and Will look like a beefcake. The audience at the premiere loved the show, so Will and Layla will probably have to continue their charade of a marriage for the cameras a little while longer.

Rayna Jaymes and Luke Wheeler struggled to find time to spend with each other due to their crazy schedules. As they tried to plan their wedding, Rayna was forced to spend her only weekend at home catering to a Rolling Stone reporter working on a cover story about her career. Unfortunately, that reporter was in the house when Rayna and Luke discovered her daughter, Maddie, making out with Luke’s son. In order to keep the future step-sibling’s romance under wraps, Rayna agreed to tell the Rolling Stone reporter all about her rocky relationship with ex-love interest, Deacon Claybourne.

Juliette Barnes struggled with loneliness as she faced delivering her baby all alone. Her record label president, Rayna, didn’t like the songs she was writing, so Rayna told her to write about her experience with the baby’s father, Avery Barkley. She wrote a new song, called “Disappearing,” about the pregnancy. In the end, Avery stepped up to be Juliette’s delivery coach.

Jonathan Jackson plays Avery, and he’s glad to see his character come out of the drunken fog he’s been in most of this season.

Jonathan tells ABC News Radio, “It’s exhausting, you know, playing somebody who’s wasted and that angry and drunk all the time. So, yeah, I was kind of happy when he’s starting to kind of pull it together a little bit.”

Even though Avery and Juliette are coming together for the sake of their child, Jonathan doesn’t know if they’ll ever be lovers again.

“I think that’s sort of the big question is whether he can overcome the devastation of the betrayal that happened, you know,” says Jonathan. “And if anything were to give them hope, I think it would be something like a child that they shared. Something that connects them regardless of the current emotions.”

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