ABCRayna Jaymes had offers of marriage on the table from her current love, Luke Wheeler, and her ex Deacon Claybourne as the curtain closed on Nashville‘s second season Wednesday night.

After singing their hit duet, “Ball and Chain,” Luke popped the question in front of 60,000 fans at Rayna’s album launch party at Nashville’s LP Field and she accepted. Deacon got teary-eyed watching the proposal from the audience. At the end of the episode, Deacon showed up at Rayna’s house saying he couldn’t move on from her, especially now that he knows they share a daughter, Maddie. We’ll have to wait until next season to see who Rayna ends up marrying.

Closeted country singer Will Lexington‘s album launch went downhill after Rayna sabotaged his deal with a big-box retailer. The implosion of his album sales made Will wonder why he was lying about his sexuality to everyone to preserve his career. After talking it over with his pal Gunnar Scott, Will went back home to his wife, Layla, and admitted he is gay. Little did he know a small camera mounted in a clock in the room taped the confession for the couple’s upcoming reality show.

Avery Barkley found out his girlfriend, Juliette Barnes, cheated on him with her former record label president, Jeff Fordham. Avery abruptly broke things off with Juliette, but he later came back to say he believed her apology. Juliette admitted she doesn’t feel like she deserves love and ruins all of her relationships as a result. She begged Avery not to leave her while she sought help to work out her issues.

Avery performed the song “One Light Shining” on Wednesday night’s episode, and fans can look forward to hearing more songs from Avery, played by Jonathan Jackson, in Nashville‘s upcoming third season. Jonathan made the move to Music City with his family a few years back, and they look forward to staying on now that Nashville has been renewed.

While he loves all the songwriters and music venues Nashville has to offer, Jonathan is a big fan of the people there, too.

He says, “I think it’s just the people here are really great. There is something about the southern hospitality and the warmth and the kindness that’s here that I know myself and my family have really appreciated.”

You can hear Jonathan singing on the just-released The Music of Nashville Season 2 Volume 2 soundtrack, available now online. Nashville‘s third season premieres this fall.

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