Image Courtesy ABCOn Wednesday’s Nashville, Gunnar Scott got a huge shock when he found out his first love, Kylie, had a son named, Micah, born just months after she mysteriously left him and disappeared from his life. Kylie admitted Gunnar was the child’s father only after he pressed her on it.

Closeted country singer Will Lexington and his trainer/lover, Tony, had a big falling out on the road over a non-disclosure agreement Will wanted Tony to sign. Will’s tour mate, Deacon Claybourne, became suspicious when he saw the couple fighting in the hallway. Later, Will was gay-bashed in a park when he went looking for a guy to hook up with after Tony left. Deacon saw a battered Will return to the hotel, and warned him to stay away from cruising parks for sex.

Meanwhile, Will’s wife, Layla Grant, was unhappy with the sappy love songs her record label president, Jeff Fordham, was making her record. As you’ll recall, she’s threatening to out Will, who is also on Jeff’s label, if she doesn’t get to release her own country album that eventually gets certified gold. Later in the episode, Layla was suicidal as she contemplated downing a bottle of pills. She ended up shattering the bathroom mirror and cutting herself on the broken glass.

Rayna Jaymes felt guilty about leaving her kids at home while she was out on the road, so she flew them up with her fiancé, Luke Wheeler, for a day on the set of a car commercial. Later, Rayna’s ex-husband, Teddy Conrad, let their older daughter, Maddie, get her hair highlighted while their younger daughter, Daphne, got her ears pierced. When Rayna got upset with Teddy about making those decisions without her, he made it clear Rayna would have to accept that she would miss things in the kids’ lives. Teddy moved on from the death of his second wife, Peggy, with a little help from a Nashville socialite, too.

Juliette Barnes had to fend off her very angry ex-boyfriend, Avery Barkley, after he discovered she is pregnant with his child. Juliette was able to hide her pregnancy from everyone but her co-star on the set of the Patsy Cline biopic she is filming, but her baby was in jeopardy at the end of the episode as she stumbled offstage at a concert and passed out. Before she went dark, Juliette saw her backup singer, Zoey Dalton, step out into the spotlight to pick up her lead part on the song, “Tell That Devil.” We have a feeling Zoey will pay for upstaging Juliette once the superstar gets better.

Chaley Rose plays Zoey Dalton on Nashville, and she’s just as excited as the fans to discover those juicy plot twists. Her cast mate Sam Palladio, who plays Gunnar Scott, often gets the script before she does, so Chaley usually convinces Sam to email her the script. She then loads it into her Mac to find out what’s happening.

Chaley explains, “You type your name into iBooks, like, my character name, so I can read my scenes first. And then I go in order of whose storyline I’m most interested in. Yeah, it is exciting to find out what’s going to happen next.”

Several country stars will appear on Nashville in the coming weeks. Look for Sara Evans to guest star as herself on next week’s episode, Wednesday, October 29. On November 19, The Band Perry, Trisha Yearwood and Joe Nichols will all appear on Nashville to help them recreate the CMA Awards within the show.

As always, the new songs from Nashville, “Tell That Devil” and “Good Love,” are available at iTunes.

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