ABCRayna Jaymes and Juliette Barnes locked horns in a delicious catfight on ABC’s Nashville Wednesday night. After signing with Rayna’s record label, Juliette quickly undermined Rayna’s plans for her career and made the signing announcement prematurely at a party to launch Rayna’s new single. The power struggle erupted into a huge fight backstage. They later smoothed things over and performed a new song on the Grand Ole Opry, “He Ain’t Gonna Change,” which was highly appropriate for closeted country star, Will Lexington.

Worried that rumors of his homosexuality would derail his career, Will asked his girlfriend Layla Grant to marry him. She accepted despite feeling the cold shoulder from Will onstage and in the bedroom earlier in the episode.

The forbidden romance between Teddy Conrad and Deacon Claybourne‘s girlfriend, Megan, continued despite Megan’s request for Teddy to stay away. Teddy and Rayna’s daughter, Maddie, rebelled against Teddy’s wishes for her to turn her focus from music to school.  Juliette got jealous when her boyfriend, Avery Barkley, approached her about producing music for his ex-girlfriend, Scarlett O’Connor.

Clare Bowen portrays Scarlett on Nashville, and she often uses the songs on the show to help her flesh out her character.

“They’re always relevant,” Clare tells ABC News Radio. “[Nashville music producer] Buddy Miller is very — he’s meticulous about song choice and finding the right thing for the right character. So, it’s all interwoven.”

What’s even more impressive is those songs tie in with multiple storylines going on at any given time.

Clare explains, “It actually spans over what everybody — something that everybody in the show is going through in different ways.”

The new song, “He Ain’t Gonna Change,” is now available on iTunes. Nashville returns with an all-new episode on March 26.

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