ABC/Craig SjodinScarlett O’Connor made it through the aftermath of her onstage breakdown on ABC’s Nashville Wednesday night. After doctors assured her she isn’t addicted to those pills she’s been popping in recent weeks, Scarlett stood up to her emotionally abusive mother, Beverly, who was mostly to blame for the breakdown.

Scarlett’s ex-boyfriend, Gunnar Scott, didn’t feel welcome visiting Scarlett in the hospital following her breakdown. Instead, he wrote a song, “It Ain’t Yours to Throw Away,” to encourage Scarlett to hold on to her musical talents.  That song is now available for download at iTunes.

It doesn’t look like Scarlett will continue chasing the dream of being a country star. She told Rayna Jaymes she never really wanted to be famous, and Rayna let Scarlett out of her record deal with Highway 65. While in the hospital, Scarlett found comfort from her first ex-boyfriend, Avery Barkley, who is now dating Juliette Barnes. Juliette overheard Scarlett and Avery telling each other they still loved each other on some level. That revelation led Juliette to hook up with her former record label president, Jeff Fordham, at a Music Row industry party.

Jeff’s current, hot act, Will Lexington, has been approached to do a reality show with his new wife, Layla Grant. Jeff warned Will this reality show would probably uncover his secret homosexuality, but Will went forward with plans for the reality show anyway.

In real life, Clare Bowen, who plays Scarlett O’Connor, has found a welcome home in the country music industry. During her recent performance onstage in Nashville with Zac Brown Band, Clare felt pure joy connecting with the crowd through music.

As for working with Zac, Clare tells ABC News Radio, “There’s something about standing up onstage and giving people that gift. He helped me discover where I feel like I belong.” 

Clare is featured on The Music of Nashville Original Soundtrack Season 2 Volume 2, due out next week. Nashville returns with a brand-new episode next Wednesday night at 10 ET on ABC.

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