Columbia Nashville

Newcomer Tenille Townes starts the adventure of a lifetime Thursday, as she sets out on the Burning Man Tour with Dierks Bentley.

“He is so incredibly kind, and I cannot wait for the opportunity to get to know him more on this tour, and get to watch the culture that he really cultivates out on the road,” say says of her new tour mate.

“I’ve heard so much about his family out there, and how they take care of everybody,” Tenille continues. “And to get to have a front-row seat to watch how that’s done, and to watch how his show works, and how he just brings everybody together in an arena — I’m dying to see the show and just get to learn from that all year long.”

The fact that Dierks’ tour kicks off in Tenille’s native Canada adds another layer of excitement.

“I get to go back to the Canadian homeland,” Tenille says with a smile, “so we’re starting on the East and working our way across.”

“And I’m gonna get to go play the arenas in Edmonton and Calgary that my family and I used to drive five or eight hours to to go see concerts as a little kid,” she adds. “So that’s gonna be a pretty crazy moment, and so cool to get to share that with my Canadian family up there.”

So far, the most time Tenille’s spent with Dierks and fellow opener Jon Pardi was when they shot a comical ice skating video to promote the trek. 

“I’ll just say that was a really wonderful way to break the ice for all of us,” she laughs. 

Tonight, Dierks, Tenille and Jon play Hamilton, Ontario, before continuing on to Ottawa and Oshawa on Friday and Saturday.

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