It’s hard not to wonder how you’re doing as a parent when your child inevitably goes nuclear in the middle of a restaurant because their chicken tenders weren’t shaped like dinosaurs.


With that in mind, snack food company Pirate’s Booty commissioned a study of 2,000 parents of children aged 2-18 to find out not what their parenting fails are, but what makes them think, “Hey, I might not be doing such a bad job, here.”

This thought was immediately followed by a face full of sweet potato baby food. Allegedly.

Here is the top 10 things parents consider a win:

  1. Getting your child to eat their vegetables easily
  2. Keeping your child occupied and quiet while grocery shopping
  3. Getting your child to finish a meal without whining
  4. Having your child enjoy a healthy snack
  5. Having your child request a healthy snack or meal
  6. Keeping your child occupied and quiet on a long car ride
  7. Getting your child to finish their homework
  8. Getting your child to bed without any tantrums
  9. Successfully bathing your child without any tantrums
  10. Successfully distracting your child while passing the toy aisle so they wouldn’t beg for a new toy