Pawnee Mental Health Services has its sights set on becoming a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic to improve their ability to care for patients.

Pawnee’s Chief Clinical Officer Becky Woodward said that CCBH Clinics allow providers to improve current services and integrate new ones.

      improved treatment

Woodward explained more about the role that physical health care will play in treating mental health issues.
      physical health

Additionally, Pawnee Mental Health will be able to better support patients who were recently discharged from the emergency room for mental health-based concerns.

Woodward also said becoming a CCBHC has other benefits for the organization.

      other benefits

Woodward also emphasized that Pawnee’s services will not be denied to anyone, regardless of location or ability to pay.

The organization is in the early stages of certification and hopes to become a CCBHC before July 1st of next year.