Pottawatomie County residents will have the opportunity in the month of May to dispose of unwanted passenger tires and refrigeration appliances at no cost.
County Commissioners approved an amnesty month specific to those materials. County Sanitarian Scott Schwinn says it’s been a successful program in the past.
“Here we’re asking to do a cleanup which rather than one day, gives people a full month to try to come in and get rid of some of the stuff would sit around with water in it,” he said. “There’s still some old refrigeration stuff out there that is still dangerous to children and others who might get to playing in them.”
The program will be open to Pottawatomie County residents from May 1 to May 31. All non-passenger vehicle tires will be collected at half the normal rate of charge. Free disposal of refrigeration appliances also are included. Schwinn explains what that constitutes.
“Refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, air-conditioners, water coolers. Anything that has a compressor and if it would have a type of Freon,” he said.
Pottawatomie County works with a local contractor to reclaim those appliances received.
By opening it to the entire month, the county hopes to collect 4,000 passenger tires and approximately 70 refrigeration appliances. The fiscal impact would be an estimated 10 to 11 thousand dollars for tire disposal and about $1,000 for the appliance disposal.
Businesses are not eligible as it’s a residential only program for those living in Pottawatomie County.

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