Pottawatomie County commissioners gave the go ahead Monday for an island annexation to proceed for the future Scorpion Biological Systems project east of Manhattan.
The agreement will essentially put the 50 acre tract of land under the City of Manhattan’s jurisdiction for water, sewer and fire protection. Some questions still remain about how traffic will be managed in the area, especially along Excel Road. To date, development officials, including Chamber Director of Development Daryn Soldan, have not met with residents living in the area about a general overview of the project. He says the reason for that is because there are likely questions that might come up that they don’t yet have all the answers to just yet.
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That might not occur until late July at the earliest according to Soldan. 1st District County Commissioner Dee McKee says even if some things can’t be answered, dialogue on the matter is important.
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Manhattan City Manager Ron Fehr says by annexing the property, the city will take on the primary responsibility of signalizing the intersection at Highway 24 and Excel Road.