One week after Manhattan passed its resolution to approve annexation for the Scorpion Biological Systems development, Pottawatomie County held a work session Monday where commissioners hashed out some of their desires with the project going forward.

Commissioner Dee McKee questioned Manhattan City Manager Ron Fehr about concerns she has that Highway 24 isn’t included within the city’s access due to costs associated with constructing turn lanes. Fehr responded how the two sides might be able to reach an agreement that’s fair to both sides while utilizing the help of KDOT.

      0627-Fehr 1

While the commission noted no intention to prevent that from happening, Commission Chair Pat Weixelman noted that this project has been fast tracked more than any other project he’s seen in his 14 years on the commission.

      0627-Pat 1

Concerns were raised during the work session about sewers and drainage in the area, many of which haven’t been spelled out yet due to a pending development agreement. Weixelman noted the county holds some leverage since the property is in Pottawatomie County. He says the county’s needs must be considered as the Scorpion project moves forward.

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Weixelman wants to have the county’s responsibilities spelled out before the project gets much further into the development process. Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Director Daryn Soldan says some of that information could be available as soon as next month.

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The commission is off next week for Independence Day, but will formally consider a resolution at the July 11th meeting.