An election to decide who will be the new Pottawatomie County Sheriff will take place next Tuesday.

The decision will come just a couple weeks after current Sheriff Greg Riat was elected by a committee of Republican Party precinct leaders to succeed county commissioner Travis Altenhofen.

While the process of Republican Party precinct leaders making the decision will remain the same, county clerk Nancy McCarter says there will be a couple differences this time around.

“When the Republican Party had the rules for the commissioner, they allowed a nomination from the floor and then a second by a delegate,” Nancy McCarter, the clerk for Pottawatomie County, said. “For the Sheriff position, the proposed rules are nomination from a delegate and a second from a delegate.”

Since this election is for the county’s Sheriff instead of being for a commissioner that represents one of the county’s districts, there will be 26 precinct leaders present as opposed to 15.

The meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. in the courtroom in the Judicial Center at 108 North 1st Street in Westmoreland and is open to the public.

In other Pottawatomie County business, a tie in the race for a Louisville city council position resulted in an unconventional resolution.

Write-in candidates Elaine Robles and Darren Prockish each received two votes, meaning the winner would be decided by drawing a name out of a container at random.

In the end, it was Prockish who would get the luck of the draw.

This result was part of a larger effort to finalize the results of the Pottawatomie County general election that took place earlier this month.

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