Stoney Creek RecordsTalk about paying your dues. Before moving to Nashville, Randy Houser cut his teeth playing rough clubs and bars near his home in Lake, MS. The brawls in those spots sometimes turned deadly while Randy was on stage.

“I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff over the years,” Randy tells ABC News Radio. “I’ve seen people shot. I’ve seen people’s throats cut.”

The throat-cutting incident took place one night when a guy named Rocky was hanging out at the bar watching Randy sing.

Says Randy, “Wasn’t really doing nothing wrong. He was just a little drunk. And this one guy from another town came up and busted a beer bottle and slit his throat right there in front of us.”

At that point, Randy jumped off the stage and threw the guy with the beer bottle up against the wall.

“He could have easily, probably cut my throat, too,” Randy says. “We all had to grab Rocky and put something around him. Keep him from bleeding to death.”

So, what did Randy’s family think of him playing in these dangerous bars? It turns out they weren’t really concerned.

Randy says with a laugh, “You can’t shock my family. They’ve seen it all. We’re fairly trailer-parkish. Yeah, we know what’s up.”

To this day, Randy’s wife, Jessa, tells him to go back to the trailer park when she gets mad at him. His says, “I’m like, ‘You know what, honey?’ There’s a lot to be learned in the trailer park.'”

Randy plays a show in Rainbow City, AL Friday night. Go to for more dates.

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