Officers with the Riley County Police Department filed a report for forgery in the 200 block of Tuttle Creek Blvd. on Monday afternoon shortly after noon.¬†Officers listed Community First National Bank as a victim when a suspect altered a check’s name and total amount. The total loss associated with this crime was approximately $3960.

Officers also filed a report for aggravated burglary in the 1500 block of Pierre St. on Monday evening at approximately 5:30 PM, though the crime was reported to have occurred on Saturday. Officers listed 24-year-old Nicholas Uremovich of Manhattan, as the victim after a black Dell laptop, a Roku streaming device, and other miscellaneous items were taken from his residence without his permission. The total estimated loss is listed as approximately $560.00 and currently suspect(s) are unknown. Police are asking that anyone with information regarding this incident contact the Manhattan Riley County Crime Stoppers.

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