In the wake of an incident involving an abandoned newborn being found, being informed about the Newborn Infant Protection Act, also known as the Safe Haven law, may help to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Riley County Police Department Capt. Josh Kyle explains the law.

      Capt. Josh Kyle 1

The law is meant to prevent newborns from harm as a result of being abandoned.

Capt. Kyle says it also serves a purpose for parents of newborns.

      Capt. Josh Kyle 2

Once the newborn is surrendered, Capt. Kyle says the process of making sure the infant is healthy begins immediately.

      Capt. Josh Kyle 3

According to Capt. Kyle, the next step in the process is addressing custody of the newborn.

      Capt. Josh Kyle 4

More information on the Newborn Infant Protection Act can be found here.


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