A Manhattan man’s storage unit was burglarized over the weekend, to the tune of nearly $3,000.

The Riley County Police Department says a report for burglary was filed Friday afternoon in the 2700 block of Eureka Terrace. Police say a 35-year-old man reported the theft of two 60 inch televisions, two motorcycle helmets, a Craftsman lawn mower, a Shark vacuum, an air fryer and several Craftsman hand tools were stolen from his storage unit.

Anyone with information can contact RCPD or Manhattan Riley County Crime Stoppers.


Wamego Police are warning the public of an increase in burglaries in the past few weeks.

Several local burglaries of recreational vehicles stored in fenced-in areas were noted in June. In addition to damage caused by forced entry, property was stolen from many of them.

WPD is asking RV owners to ensure no valuable items are left inside when they are stored and unattended, and is recommending that RVs are checked routinely.

Anyone with information regarding these or other crimes should contact Wamego Police at 785-456-9553.