Riley County

Riley County Commissioners recevied more 2024 budget requests Thursday.

The County Clerk’s budget ask is over $13,000 higher than last year, attributed to printing and duplicating services for the mailing of the revenue neutral rate notices, which totaled over $18,000 last year. The state is reimbursing counties for that this year, but not in 2024. County Clerk Rich Vargo…

      0525-Vargo 2

As for the elections budget, the increase is more than $100,000 above last year’s budget, attributed to the upcoming presidential election and the state requiring a presidential primary in 2024.

      0525-Vargo 1

Vargo also noted concern with staff burnout after many employees worked 80 hour weeks for multiple weeks in a row last year during the state election process, which coincided during the fall with the budget process and implementation of the revenue neutral rate statements.

With a presidential primary next year, elections will be taking place in March, August and November.