riley county

Riley County Public Information Officer Vivienne Uccello proposed an update to the employee social media policy at Monday’s Commissioner meeting. It mainly applies to the deletion of public comments on county-run sites. Uccello explains what will be deleted:

      08292022 Vivienne Uccelo Social Media Policy

She said while private companies can delete any comment they want to; the county rarely deletes comments because it is a 1st amendment right to criticize the government. Staff will flag suspicious comments, and a supervisor will review it. The policy applies to all departments. The commissioners unanimously approved the update. 

Health Department Director Julie Gibbs told the commissioners about a suicide-prevention grant she has applied for through KDHE:

      08292022 Julie Gibbs suicide prevention grant 1

Gibbs suggests using the funds for a dedicated employee. The grant will also be used for supplies, and hand-out materials. There’s an opportunity to apply for $35,000 in the second, and final, year of the program. 

      08292022 Julie Gibbs suicide prevention grant 2

Gibbs also contacted Pawnee Mental Health Services to ensure it won’t be a duplication of services. Pawnee believes it will only enhance their work within the community.